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Ombudsman Should Have Been More Discreet and Restrained

Avenue Consulting Group Founder, Managing Partner and Head of Legal and Tax Advisory Services Georgi Khachatryan considers that  ombudsman's  report consists of two parts.   First part of report was substantiated, but the second one “looks like a gossip or rumor”

Seminar in Aghveran

One of the main agenda of the seminar was relevant legal issues, participants present and compare our experience with the experience of European countries.

The Judicial System is not Conducive for Business Development

Avenue Consulting Group Founder, Managing Partner Georgi Khachatryan: ''For making final investment decisions in particular country investors take into consideration several factors: the first -how simply is “the doing business” and establishing a company in this country, the second,...

Advertisement Beyond Imagination

Head of Strategic Management Advisory Services  Karen Martirosyan and Head of Tax Advisory Services  Georgi Khachatryan about consumer rights.

The Real Business Can't be Created On Relatives-Acquainted Model

Tigran Grigoryan: ''International practice indicates that in addition to  management system, it is necessary to clearly define the business processes".

Why Millions were "presented" to Offshore Company and Who is in Charge for it.

Georgi Khachatryan noted that the court should review the grounds for mediation, that is, the applicant must prove that his financial situation does not allow him to pay state duty, and the court should assess whether the evidence is sufficient to establish that privilege.

Interview with PhD Karen Martirosyan. Why Business Valuation Services are not in Great Demand in Armenia?

Karen  Martirosyan specify Armenian business valuation market features:  which valuation methods are preferable, why should companies pay for it, which is the main obstacles.

Discussion with Justice Sector Representatives

Georgi Khachatryan, head of the working group of  the electronic system development, indicates that at first they developed the statistical criteria and analysis methodology, and then created an electronic database.

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