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Construction and Real Estate

Construction and Real EstateNowadays, globally, due to the certain factors such as expanding population, urbanization, industrialization, and economic growth there are continuously increasing demand trends in construction and real estate sectors. That’s why it is imperative for firms operating in given industries to embrace new line of actions in order to address financial risks, complex projects and regulatory requirements and stay competitive. This should be done through proper market research and risk management processes as well as through the measurements aimed at increasing efficiency, keeping strategic growth and identification of competitive advantages.

Construction and real estate sectors have a huge potential to be the major contributors to the economic growth of Armenia. Therefore construction sector is one of the primary focuses of the Armenian Government aimed at boosting investment in this field mediating mortgages and affordable housing facilities. Meanwhile, recent studies show that a number of changes took place in the real estate market of Armenia in relation to last years, that is a number of transactions is increasing on constant bases.  Additionally both real estate and construction industries are one of the main sectors of the Armenian economy which attracts foreign investment and at the same time constitute a key area for local businesses.

Therefore, deep construction and real estate industry knowledge and insights of Avenue Consulting Group experts make advanced consultancy for the businesses involved in the given fields in Armenia and abroad. We provide our clients with holistic consultancy comprising market research and feasibility study, business planning and financial modeling. We are also supporting our clients on tax and legal aspects of real estate investments and related activities.