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Food and Beverage

Food and BeveregeFood and beverage manufacturing subsectors are considered to be one of the most important branches in processing industry in developing countries. For some, development in this field is regarded as a strategic option for economic development, and this is particularly with regard to the potential for export market. For those countries food and beverage processing is not merely a new source of revenue and a new source for employment generation, but is also an excellent opportunity for internalizing of new knowledge and technology which will accelerate the growth of manufacturing and development of agriculture.  

Food and beverage processing sectors are one of priority sectors for the Armenian Government, as they form a large portion of country’s economy and simultaneously have a huge potential for further development. Yet the domestic market is still has a long path towards its development and overcoming of its fragmented nature. A number of reforms have been implemented in Armenia in the agro-food sector. Particularly, government agro-food and other various polices have been developed, including Food Safety policy, Strategy of Agriculture development, Cattle breeding program, etc. The government was encouraging and continues to encourage foreign investment as well, by both adopting a number of laws and amendments to existing ones,  thus making steps to ease tax burden on companies.   

Avenue consulting Group is highly engaged in the food and beverage industry in Armenia and it may be your trusted advisor in this sector. We support in designing and implementing strategies, operational performance of a company operating in this industry and improving its operational efficiency, as well as advising and elaborating business plan for startups.  We are making marketing advisory services, including research in the field of food and beverage industries by specially designed research methodology. Our Legal and Tax Advisory practice supports  clients in daily operational activity  and advise on taxation issues concerning food and beverage sector.