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Information Technologies and Telecommunication

Information Technologies and TelecommunicationWe cannot imagine a modern lifestyle without information technologies. It does not matter in which field you work: in trade or in service, in manufacturing or in any other field, you cannot be competitive and successful without using modern informational technologies solutions. It is one of the most fast-growing industries in the world.

The new decade trends show that industries are becoming more and more digitized, new services such as mobile payment platforms and cloud computing are integrated in businesses. Firms try to involve IT in every sector, to be able to increase the managing quality and work speed resulting in more effective and efficient operations. For instance, IT solutions can help to decrease the time spent for documentation and correspondence, as well as to decrease risks, such as human carelessness. Product lines, emails, automated systems for fixing deviations and many other IT solutions help to increase modern firms’ efficiency.  

World’s most successful companies understand the importance of using new technologies in order to not only keep pace with competitors, but also to get competitive advantages.  

Armenia has a big potential in IT sector and IT announced as priority sector in Armenia. The trends show that the digitizing level will dramatically increase in next few years. It is explained by different factors, such as decreasing costs in IT and telecommunication technologies.

Avenue Consulting Group understands the importance of creating cost effective IT solutions and it is integrating with the existing infrastructure of a company. We have huge experience in using IT solutions in companies working in different fields. Our experts will help you to develop tailor-made IT solutions aimed at increasing the effectiveness of your company operations.