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Institutional Capacity Building

Institutional Capacity BuildingInstitutional Capacity Building concept is about designing and/or changing the structure and culture of a company and governmental institutions in a way that would be aimed at the realization of its objectives both most efficiently and effectively. The concept is considerably focused on skill upgrading of personal through education and training and overall human resources development (HRD) aimed at improving performance. However, the concept is by no means limited only to HR development, and in fact goes beyond the education and training of staff. ICB concept is much broader and holistic and comprises measurements in several diminutions such as in social, organizational and of course educational aspects, aimed at improving and deepening the capacity of businesses, government institutions, NGOs and communities.

In other words, Institutional Capacity Building is process or a set of measurements towards the better operation of institutions and corporations, whether there is a need for skills enhancement, change of the structure, changing of a strategy or changing culture.    

Towards the aim of Institutional Capacity Building  in ArmeniaAvenue Counseling Group team of experts emphasizes the importance of enhancing both individual and organizational capacity as well as the capacity of government institutions through the reshaping of strategies, process management, change management, job description and attestation, enhancement of governance and leadership, strengthening legal framework, internal operations and management. Operations within institutional capacity building also include areas of corporate culture and mission. Our qualified consultants support in designing corporate governance system and assist in defining and shaping of institutional goals of our clients.