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JudiciaryJudiciary has significant impact on the whole socio-economic life of a country. Well developed and predictable judiciary system is among of “a must preconditions” for attraction of investments into economy, stable political situation, high satisfaction level of citizens, fair protection of human rights, constitutional rights and many more.

Judicial, Legislative and Executive bodies put huge efforts to create impartial, predictable, effective and efficient functioning judiciary system. In developed and developing countries it is very common approach to involve professional consultants and experts in reforms process.  Reforms in judiciary assume implementation of different types of activities, such as changing of legal base, institutional and human resource capacity building, policy advice, development of special IT solutions, construction works and etc.  Usually state institutions lack professional resource to fully undertake all these activities. This is why that very often state institutions invite professional consultants to support this process.

Avenue Consulting Group and its consultants have solid experience in supporting state institutions in the field of judicial reforms in Armenia. We offer wide range of technical assistance expertise, including but not limited to policy advice and policy formulation, legal drafting, design and introduction of monitoring systems, institutional and human resource capacity building activities, etc. Our clients and beneficiaries enjoy high quality consulting services and benefit from tangible results.