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Labor and Employment Affairs

Labor and Employment AffairsLabor law is the branch of law that is constantly exposed to significant change, which is closely linked with the processes occurring in the social-economic life of the country. These facts create risks for business. In order to minimize these risks and preserve the company's assets, it is necessary to pay special attention to the relations between employers, employees and public authorities competent in the field of labor law.

Although the industry is not new, the government only recently has begun to pay more attention on it, and as a result, the companies are required to review their approach to it, in order to avoid problems with law.

If you have to turn to lawyers for labor law in matters relating to labor disputes, preparation of legal documents, documents accounting personnel, local regulations, or representation in court, you should contact the Avenue Consulting Group.

Avenue Consulting Group advises clients not only from the legal position, but also helps them to solve their practical problems in all spheres of individual and collective labor law. Integral part of our activities is the protection in the court. The experts of our company have extensive experience solving problems in sphere of employment law for individuals and legal entities. We protect our clients' interests in all instances, in the processes for the protection against dismissal, as well as in the processes of Labor Affairs, in which collective disputes are resolved.

The negotiation, preparation, legal assistance and representation with respect to individual and collective labor agreements, preparation of internal documents, termination of labor contracts these is not complete list of our services.

Our experts provide creative, practical and effective solutions for all social and labor affairs in Armenia.