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Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and EvaluationMonitoring and evaluation of various projects and programs are one of the key services suggested by Avenue Consulting Group. Monitoring and Evaluation implies systematic and objective assess of the quality, effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the programs and projects, and enables to determine whether the planned benefits and effects are achieved.

While, monitoring is about systematic and ongoing use and collection of quantitative and qualitative operation level information in order to achieve results through the effective decision-making process, evaluation is the assessment of program or project, it implies objective and regular assessment and is highly required by funding organizations and policy makers concerned with accountability and efficient use of public or private resources. Additionally, monitoring and evaluation are both concerned with the collection and analysis of information to support informed decision making.

We do understand the importance of monitoring and evaluation measurements by stressing on the fact that it need to be really valuable in order to enable the assessment of the quality and impact of a project. Avenue Consulting Groupteam of experts provide leadership on monitoring and evaluation in various contexts,  is capable to engage in different types of program evaluation, including needs assessment, formative research, process evaluation, monitoring of outputs and outcomes, impact assessment, and cost analysis. Our proficient experts have all the necessary relevant educational background, qualifications and skills in project planning and management in Armenia, and training in the field of M&E.