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Public Administration and Good Governance

Public Administration and Good GovernanceNowadays, with the increasing complexity of modern life the governments of modern states need both effective and efficient administration tools in order to operate and manage their activities in responsive and transparent way and by this constitute good governance.

Public Sector often has to comply with the compound requirements by using almost the same managerial principals that are supporting private sector in its day to day activities. That’s why the use of management consultancy in public sector is becoming a widespread demand. Public sector needs a competent partner and advisor assisting in Public Administration and establishment of good governance. Avenue Consulting Group team has deep knowledge and specialization in capacity building and institutional development of public administration bodies in Armenia. Our consultants are leading specialists in the field of public service development. We know that behind the idea of good governance lies the aim of strengthening Public Administration and conversely public administration reforms are aimed at good governance, thus these two disciplines are considerably interconnected.  Good governance is to say bridges policy development and its implementation.


It is worth mentioning that the reformation is an ongoing process in public administration systems. Thus further reforms on constant bases are required to improve efficiency, accountability and effectiveness.

Avenue Consulting Group team of proficient advisors focused on public sector assist in legislative changes and legal requirements, budget demands and responsible budgeting and implementation of public and government policies. We support to achieve the values prescribed within the concept of good governance, which are first of all legality, efficiency, responsible budgeting, responsible use of resources, management of human resources and crisis management.