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Public Finance Management

Public Finance ManagementPublic Finance management is basically about budgeting, allocation of resources to various activities, revenue management, expenditure, and reporting. In other words it comprises all of the functions of government that deal with money. PFM is a vital component and an essential part for the sustainable development process of economy. There is an increasing need for proper and sound Public Finance Management especially in the developing countries, as it is critical component upon the achievement of public policy objectives and goals. Needless to say that PFM is a complex process and is broad in scope, which includes taxation and tax policy, tax administration, cash-flow management, budget formulation and execution etc.

The government of Armenia has already make steps and intends to take further measurements aimed at strengthening Public Finance Management in Armenia and improve management of public expenditures, where the overall objective is to deepening Policy Based Budgeting and Strengthening Public Investment Management System. Towards this end the second stage of public finance management reform was set, back in 2010 which is a strategic program to be implemented in the Republic of Armenia over the next decade.  

Thus, under the various projects which are conducted and are aimed at strengthening Public finance management in Armenia, the government needs great deal of consulting services. Avenue Consulting Group is ready to share with the expertise and deep industry knowledge to make various projects and programs concerning public finance management happen by providing with high quality management consulting in public sector management and financial management comprising the whole public finance management cycle.