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Public-private partnership (PPP)

Public-private partnership Public private partnership is very popular type of infrastructure development, especially for developing countries. It is mutually beneficial for both government and private sectors. Government, by providing such benefits as simplified taxes or partly financing, use opportunities of private sector, to facilitate their contribution in infrastructure development. While the private sector firms, by taking responsibility to fulfill the agreement requirements, use benefits of partnership with government, to expand their business.

It is a long time that the most developed countries used to use the benefits of partnerships between public and private sectors for developing their infrastructures. The fact that during past two decades more than 1400 partnership deals were signed in the European Union show its importance. Though after the financial crisis its number has decreased, partnerships are staying important part of government policy of infrastructure development

After collapse of USSR Armenia needed to develop its infrastructure, which needed reorganization according to new needs. Armenian government use public private partnerships to neutralize the lack of money and efficient management in such spheres of infrastructure as energy, telecommunication, transport, postal service, water distribution, local utilities and urban development. 

Consulting in public private partnership is one of the most difficult ones, because consultants need to find balance between demands of firm and government. Avenue Consulting Group experts have huge experience in such consultancy. We help our clients to create mutually beneficial partnership with government by providing professional services in both legal and management aspects of partnership, during its creation and operating.