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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy and Energy EfficiencyInterest in renewable energy and energy efficiency is growing dramatically. Modern time trends, globally, point out economic shifts towards more and more energy efficient economy and increasing number of investments in renewable power. Adoption of energy efficiency initiatives is needed to say an attractive opportunity as an upfront investment which benefits are tangible and appreciable over time.

It is even more crucial for Armenia to experience and emphasize renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives in order to downsize domestic dependence on foreign energy supply. During recent years staid stapes are being taken by Armenian Government towards the creation of favorable environment for the development and promotion of renewable energy in Armenia. This is occurring by targeting at wind energy potential along with hydro and photovoltaic powers for producing electric power and solar thermal, biogas, biomass, and the use of heat pumps for producing heat. Yet, both tax and legal reforms needed to accelerate these initiatives.

For foreign investment, especially for developed countries Armenia can be attractive within the concept of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) under Article 12 of Kyoto Protocol by implementing here their emission-reduction measurements and projects, thus obtaining certified emission reduction (CER) credits and simultaneously invest in this sector in Armenia.

Indeed, there is a huge potential in Armenia for the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency sector and for the investors to get their profit. However, due to the fact that Armenia is very new in this sector, a feasibility study, legal and tax considerations need to be taken into account before starting the business. This is exactly the point where the need for consultancy is a vital issue.    

Avenue Consulting Group is there to share with its extensive experience of project management in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency. We also introduce holistic consultancy concerning the adoption of energy efficient technology and products, via feasibility study and financial modeling of renewable energy generation systems. Avenue Consulting Group team suggests cutting-edge solutions aiming at development of Strategies and Action Plans, implementation of financial assessment and financial forecasts, as well as business planning which primarily endorses energy industry stakeholders, investors, corporations and governments to meet their expectations.