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SME Development

SME DevelopmentSmall and medium enterprises are the most common type of enterprises over the world. SME are the important, but vulnerable part of every economy, it is the reason why governments try to create comfortable environment for their development.

External consultancy is very important for SMEs, as they have limited resources, and it is not effective for them to have permanent staff of consultants, which is enough expensive.  Outsourcing gives them an opportunity to get needed high-qualified consulting services without having special staff for it.

In Armenia exist around 80 000 SMEs. It is approximately 99% of all business entities. Moreover, despite of the fact that they create only 40% of GDP, the government tries to make business environment in Armenia more and more comfortable and attractive for new investments.

Avenue Consulting Group experts have huge experience in working with companies operating in different fields of economy. The range of services providing by our experts include but not limited only to such services as business administration trainings, strategic planning, HR motivation or finance management, and comprising.  We offer full package of services ranging from registration of a new company, making feasibility studies, to working out distribution plans. Our experts will help our clients to stay in touch with legal reforms as well as with management new models and IT solutions, which can increase company's efficiency. Each client of Avenue Consulting Group gets individual approach and efficient solutions according to their needs.