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Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism and HospitalityNowadays, globally, the tourism industry is considered to be one of the most important sectors of economy, as it has significant contribution on economic development growth. It has huge impact on economy other industries such as hospitality, trade, services, etc. On the other hand, hospitality sector is one of the main supporters of tourism growth.

Armenia, with its seductive nature and rich history has a big potential in tourism, especially in rural and cultural tourism. Tourism sector is one of the main directions of government development program. In recent years the interest to Armenia among tourists have been risen, due to tourism development program. In its turn, it opens new prospects to hospitality sector development. Another stimulus for hospitality sector development is rising of population's standard of living, which allows them to use the services offered by hospitality industry. All mentioned factors make Armenian tourism and hospitality sectors very interesting for investments.

Avenue Consulting Group’s experts have huge experience in cooperating with firms working in both tourism and hospitality sectors. The diverse range of services providing by our experts include franchising, evaluation and reorganization of the business, expansion of the business, legal and tax advising etc.