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Transport and Logistics

Transport and LogisticsThe transportation industry surrounds us everywhere – trains, roads, buses, airlines, ships and etc. Transportation is sector about moving people and goods from to other destinations. Logistics service is one of most interrelated and incorporated fields with transportation sector. In our rapidly developing world transportation sector is one of the most dynamically developing ones. During the last decades development of transport sector is very impressive: introduction of new technologies in city transport management, roads management, rapid delivery, logistics of goods brings new opportunities for further development of this sector.

New technologies are entering into transportation and logistics – starting from payment systems ending with automated registration systems using RFID technologies. New technologies are used in construction of transport infrastructure and transportation equipment, such as high speed trains. New developments in the business sector require new strategies and concepts which should be putted in place by responsible state institutions.

Role of management consultants are significant in development of transport and logistics sector. Management consultants are very often involved in development of investment programmes, financial forecasts, business plans and marketing strategies, legal support, as well as development strategies and programmes on sectorial level.

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