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Corporate Legal Consulting involves a unique combination of legal, business and management skills with the strong stress on those parts of legislation that primarily reflect businesses.


While corporate governance entails measurements in multiple jurisdictions, it is imperative to get a comprehensive and proficient legal advice on various issues that are derived from corporate activities.


Avenue Consulting Group makes legal and business tax consultancy for a broad range of companies operating in various industries. Our legal consultants provide legal advisory both for companies operating in Armenia or international ones, for start-up business in their formation period or companies that are already operating in the market and need innovative legal solutions.


Corporate restructuring

Corporate restructuring is a one-time effort which implies reshaping the legal structure of a company aiming at making it more productive and innovative by increasing a company’s market value, minimizing operational costs and optimizing corporate governance.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions involves legal consultancy to a firm seeking to either legally consolidated in one entity with other firm, in case of merger, or aiming at acquire or to be acquired by a larger firm.    


Legal document drafting & revision

Legal document drafting & revision implies assisting businesses in revising and creating legal documentation whether it deals with state registration of legal entities, drafting of internal structure of a corporation in compliance with its corporate governance, creation of shareholders meeting minutes and documentation of adopted decisions or development of internal regulations of a corporation including code of conduct and safety rules. 

Contract drafting & review

Contract drafting & review involves consultancy on all commercial contracts including contract negotiation. At Avenue Consulting Group it is a priority to ensure the terms of a contract to be properly negotiated, drafted with accuracy and fully meet the objectives of the contractors.


Consultancy in foreign investment legislation

Consultancy in foreign investment legislation implies legal assistance for foreign companies to operate in Armenia in various industries in compliance with taxation law.

Foreign companies and their investment into Armenia are welcomed, yet there are certain peculiarities concerning Armenian legislation and thus our legal consulting in Armenia is imperative. We provide Investment Advisory Services to help Clients with some issues in Armenian legislation. Armenian legislation forbids foreign nationals to own land in Armenia, (yet it can be acquired through the leasing of a land) but has no restriction concerning disposing, managing and establishing of businesses in Armenia. In all these cases international companies need professional advice of Armenian law firm.


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