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The protection of interests of our clients' businesses is the core objective of Avenue Consulting Group, which makes us one of the best law firms in Armenia. One of the key aspects of our activities is advising on dispute resolution which implies verity of ways including court representation in all jurisdictions and instances through legal analysis of the situation, application of appropriate law and preparation of necessary documentation. However the pre–trial settlement of disputes is feasible if necessary steps are taken upon occurrence of those disputes. The elimination of the future disputes can be easily achieved through thorough examination and identification of possible conflict areas during contract negotiation and hence through a proper drafting of contracts.

Hereof Avenue Consulting Group team of Armenian attorneys provides legal representation in the Republic of Armenia courts of all instances comprising. First instance Courts of General Jurisdiction, Administrative court, Court of Cassation and Court of Appeal. We conduct negotiations on behalf of our clients, draft contracts and all necessary documentation, provide with legal advisory by insuring continuous monitoring of evolving relevant legislation and make assessment of legal risks in order to avoid possible disputes in the future. We act on behalf of the client in the State Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Armenia, State Customs Committee of the Republic of Armenia, the State Committee of the Real Estate Cadaster of the Republic of Armenia. 


Advising and Sharing Responsibility2015-01-19 Avenue Consulting Group Short Commercial
Doing Business 2015 appreciates our efforts2015-01-15 For the valuable contribution to the development Doing Business 2015-Going Beyond Efficiency report World Bank acknowledged our team members efforts with Certificate of Appreciation. 
One Stop Shop Advisory Services2015-01-12 The Knowledge and Know-How transfer through innovative advisory services is one of the major results that we bring to our Client
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