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There is no getting away from the importance of legal considerations while entering into transactions. In order to avoid any possible legal pitfall, all proper legal measurements need to be tackled with the highest commitment and clarity.  Thus, Legal Due Diligence is an important process towards legal consultancy, which core essence is to investigate and go deep in provided materials and documents in order to determine their accuracy and make solid solutions, thus ruling out or minimizing potential risks.


Avenue Consulting Group provides Due Diligence in Armenia inter alia an in-depth and detailed overview of legal documentation by identifying and making a full assessment of the actual and potential risks, mitigates those risks and gives comprehensive and clear solutions comprising legal, commercial, tax and financial aspects of the process. By the end of a due diligence clients are granted a fair idea of the ongoing legal aspects of their businesses and are given an opportunity to get an upper-hand in the business market.


Documents and processes reviewed during the performance of Legal Due Diligence comprise variety of components depending on the nature of a particular transaction.

The potential benefits of Due Diligence:

- Assessment of actual and potential risks associated with the business and/or transaction
- Exposure of Tax risks
- Assistance in drafting of relevant documents
- Corporate compliance check
- Evaluation of the legal aspects of the transaction
- Assessment of Contractual rights and obligations.


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