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Avenue Consulting Group team of experts makes advanced consultancy on routine tax issues the main objective of which is not only avoid tax risks that might bring to undesirable cash-flows effects but also benefit as much as possible from tax opportunities that will inevitably lead to cost saving. Avenue Consulting Group provides top-of-the-line tax consulting in Armenia both for local and for international companies.


It is fair to state that Armenian tax system is rather complex and is constantly emended, which make it challenging for corporations and individuals to catch up with that changes. It is challenging to follow up the trends in customs policy of Armenia as well, and in this case our tax consultants will help you to achieve the best results. Thus it is important both for local and foreign businesses to get a sound knowledge of ambiguous Tax & Customs law and regulations by obtaining  a strong understanding of peculiarities of local tax and customs legislation in order to avoid expending additional and unnecessary recourses as well as mitigate specific problems that might occur during business making process.


Tax System

In every aspect of a business running process there is no getting away from the importance of appropriate tax planning. We create innovative tax and customs compliance solutions by keeping up with the changes in the respective fields. The areas we advise on include consultancy in corporate tax system, trends in customs policy, customs duties, principle taxes, registration requirements, tax returns and payments, tax filling and reporting, tax clarification, tax service in Armenia.


Our clients may enjoy unique development solutions for tax and customs issues with distinctive mixture of legal, management and business advisory services provided by tax advisors specialized in Armenian legislation. Avenue Consulting Group offers proved tax optimization models based on internally accumulated “risk-minimum” best practice and expertise. Our tax and customs solutions will allow avoiding double taxation especially when dealing with foreign transactions.  


We offer representation services in favor of the Client for the tax dispute prosecution cases in all levels of the court: facilitating disputes settlement with tax and customs authorities and required for protection of rights and legitimate interests of the Client, appealing of actions/inactions/acts of customs authorities including in a judicial proceeding, etc.


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