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Company management system serves for different purposes which are commonly summarized as:

- ensure achievement of business objectives,
- ensure channels for knowledge communication and transfer,
- secure compliance with internal regulations,
- contribute to changing of behavior,
- ensure application of “best practices”,
- contribute to setting priorities.

A management system can be defined as “a set of components, logically interconnected for the guidance and control of actions performed by an organization”. At the same time management system incorporates a number of different type components, such as policies and procedures, human and financial resources, processes and etc. Taking this into account we may define management system as “a system that comprises of elements of policy, planning, implementation and operation, performance assessment, improvement and management review”.

Avenue Consulting Group keeps this logic in design and introduction of management systems for our clients, i.e. our management systems always include policy elements, planning elements, implementation and operation elements, performance assessment, improvement and management review elements. At the same time the management systems can serve for some parts of a business and be separated by types: financial management system, human resource management systems, knowledge management systems, etc. Nevertheless, in each of these cases there is a common theme - need to manage a specific factor which may influence the performance of the organization in changing environment. This may be something which affects the quality of its output, its consistency of performance or even its ability to operate.

Avenue Consulting Group always design and introduce flexible and easy-to-evolve company management systems which are aimed at raising effectiveness of company operations, financial optimizations, balancing powers on different levels. We develop key-turn solutions for our clients and help them in introduction of new management systems within the organization providing high-end business consulting services in Armenia.



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Doing Business 2015 appreciates our efforts2015-01-15 For the valuable contribution to the development Doing Business 2015-Going Beyond Efficiency report World Bank acknowledged our team members efforts with Certificate of Appreciation. 
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