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Cost optimisation is in focus of almost every for-profit, non-for-profit and state organization. Cost optimization requires complex approach and implementation of complex in nature interventions. In our reality optimized costs are very often mixed with cost cutting. Many companies face situation when cost cuttings result in decrease of performance efficiency, low motivation of employees, low level of customer satisfaction and a number of other critical effects.

Cost optimization encompasses activities aimed at finding ways to spend fewer funds and receive acceptable by quality result. A simple example of such activity is decision on outsourcing of some operations, such as accountancy, logistics, etc.

More complicated approaches include business process reengineering aimed at raising effectiveness of company operations, elimination of duplicated functions and staff optimization. Activities aimed at cost optimization are pure change management activities which is rather 'painful' for client organization. 

Avenue Consulting Group has developed approaches during implementation of such assignments, which ensures success:

- Intensive communications with high level managers and business owners to reserve their full support,
- Introduction of effective and transparent financial planning and reporting system,
- Continuous work with staff members of the company to ensure their full understanding and support,
- Thorough analysis of financial documentation,
- Business process reengineering, institutional and human resource development.

Avenue Consulting Group provides high quality cost optimization services encompassing complex activities to reach the highest possible effect. Our experienced consultants join skills and knowledge that enables us to provide cost optimization services which includes financial optimization cost, operation optimization of costs, organizational optimization of costs, introduction of new technologies and much more.  


Preparation of the Operational Manual for Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund2016-05-26 Avenue Consulting Group won the tender for implementing the project Preparation of the Operational Manual for R2E2 financed by the World Bank.
Advising and Sharing Responsibility2015-01-19 Avenue Consulting Group Short Commercial
Doing Business 2015 appreciates our efforts2015-01-15 For the valuable contribution to the development Doing Business 2015-Going Beyond Efficiency report World Bank acknowledged our team members efforts with Certificate of Appreciation. 
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