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Business valuation is a complex process and it involves a multitude of factors ranging from financial matters to historical perspectives. It is a broad and technically challenging discipline. The valuation is performed in a variety of contexts and for a variety of purposes. The word value means different things to different people and the result will not be the same, should the context change. A valuation is not an exact science. The value is subjective term and can have a different connotation. Valuation involves use of professional judgment, knowledge of business, analysis of facts, interpretations and used of different methods and procedures, which may result into different value in each given situation. This implies that the business value must be measured and defined by a ‘standard of value’ that is relevant, meaningful and reliable.

In this backdrop, considering the growing need, variety and complexity involved in the valuation exercises, Avenue Consulting Groups practices the Business Valuation Practice Standards (BVPS) accepted by American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, which establishes uniform principles, practices and procedures for Valuators performing valuation services.

Valuations of businesses, business ownership interests, securities, tangible or intangible assets (hereinafter collectively referred to as business valuations) may be performed for a wide variety of purposes including the following:

- Valuation for financial transactions such as acquisitions, mergers, leveraged buyouts, initial public offerings, employee stock ownership plans and other share based plans, partner and shareholder buy-ins or buyouts, and stock redemptions.
- Valuation for Dispute Resolution and/ or litigation/pending litigation relating to matters such as marital dissolution, bankruptcy, contractual disputes, owner disputes, dissenting shareholder and minority ownership oppression cases, employment disputes and intellectual property disputes.
- Valuation for Compliance-oriented engagements,
- Other purposes like valuation for planning, internal use by the owners etc.

The same business may have different values if different standard of value is used and different approaches are adopted. The rising demand for valuation services has given new opportunities for Our Consultants. Avenue Consulting Group performs various business valuation services including comprehensive business valuation reports, valuation report review, etc. Understanding what drives value and where value exists is paramount in making informed decisions. We can help our clients to identify value in their businesses.


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