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If companies experiencing a performance crisis (or its first signs), our experience suggests that restructuring process is only successful in a handful of exceptional cases. Our Consultants has condensed a wide range of performance improvement programs into a procedural model that allows us to give our clients a successful and effective boost to their performance. The model offered by Avenue Consulting Group is not limited to the well-known tools of budget cutbacks or performance improvements, but also includes mechanisms for developing and engaging the people that actually make up the company. In our eyes, holistic corporate restructuring is more than another name for a commonplace reorganization scheme.

The options available to businesses considering corporate restructuring are vast and very much dependent on the industry, nature of the business and specific issues the company is facing. The merging of departments, disposal of company assets or reduction in workforce may be necessary step to keep a company functioning and can all be conducted during a period of corporate restructuring.

By accessing the services of corporate restructuring consultants of Avenue Consulting Group, our Clients seek advice regarding how best to restructure the company. In addition to providing a range of viable options and calculating the associated risks, our corporate restructuring consultants can assist with the implementation of changes to the business and provide additional resources to staff during the period of corporate restructuring.

For Avenue Consulting Group, corporate performance covers four areas at the heart of any restructuring project:

Strategy, Costs, People, and Culture.

- Refocusing the strategy: stabilizing the business by giving it a clear sense of direction and letting people know what will be part of the future company and what would need to be removed in the short- or medium-term future.
- The consistent pursuit of all defined cutback or performance improvement measures.
- Reducing the headcount on all levels, supported by Management Audits – a fair means of identifying the right leaders for the future business.
- Supporting the program with focused culture management. Only internal cultural change can stabilize and optimize an organization for the long term.


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